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Fire Detection

Even though the chances of fire in a building are limited, the consequences of such an unfortunate event could be devastating. Legislation itself demands the taking of appropriate measures during the study and construction of buildings not only for the prevention of the risks but also for proper control.

Today, every modern fire protection system should include a complete network of reliable fire detectors that work without the slightest delay – always. Fire detection uses special temperature, flame, and smoke detectors. And through the appropriate systems the respective alarm is activated to then proceed to the proper handling of the situation, activating the extinguishing mechanism. The result being one: Quick and effective response to the risk.

Below, we list the special legislation that must be strictly followed for the correct installation of fire detection.

According to the Greek Ministerial Decision 14980 Φ.700.5/ΦΕΚ Β 529/03.04.2014, the measures and means of fire protection for public gathering places are hereby specified. They apply to the following:

a. In buildings or areas of buildings, outdoor or semi-outdoor as well as lots, plus their ancillary areas, where the public gathers for social, economic, cultural, religious, recreational, educational, scientific, sports events and activities. These include conference centers, lecture halls, concert halls, courts, council halls, amphitheaters, multipurpose halls, libraries, temples and places of worship, exhibition halls, museums, waiting areas for public transport, sports halls, playgrounds, amusement parks, elder care centers, places for mass catering or leisure such as restaurants, snack bars, pizzerias, steakhouses, cafes, bars.

b. In service areas, where public gathers, such as post offices, citizen service centers, gambling agencies, as well as banks with a total space of over 70 square meters. In any other case, the above activities are examined as “offices”.

So, whether it is for your business or your home, we can help you install the right fire detection system that will offer the security you need. To find out more, call us today or fill out the contact form and you will offer you the best possible solution!

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