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    Technology and energy are changing faster than ever. The same goes for the possibilities that they offer you – so that with greater simplicity and ease, you can gain greater control and comfort in your activities. And all these, while saving valuable time and minimizing the unnecessary wastes of energy.


With respect to the customer and the environment

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources are the first energy sources humanity used long before fossil fuels like coal or petroleum. The need to [...]

Electromechanical Installations

If you are interested in electrical or mechanical installations, you are in the right place! From the installation of natural gas [...]

Security Systems

Security means proper protection against threats. And with burglaries and security violations being quite common today, when it comes to real [...]

Building Automations

Whether you are thinking upgrading your main residence or your holiday home, or modernizing your business, there is basically one purpose: [...]

One step ahead.

That is why at VTEC, from the first day of our operation, we ensure not only to keep pace with the advancements of our times but also to be one step ahead, so that each of our customers benefits from the most complete and efficient solutions in the field of energy and technology – whether these solutions are to create your ideal smart home or the most modern electrical installations and automation for your business.

Welcome to VTEC where our everyday work gives you the energy and simplicity you need to be more dedicated to what really matters to you.


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